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The main purpose of the asbestos inventory is to list the asbestos-containing materials and evaluate the representative exposure risks. For the establishment of this, the building in question is visually inspected by an experienced expert from ASP Consultancy.

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At ASP Consultancy we aim to map all high-risk, asbestos-containing materials in our living environment by making asbestos inventories. Indirectly this results in a contribution to the accelerated asbestos phase-out policy. The goal of this asbestos phase-out policy is to make Flanders asbestos-safe by 2040 at the latest.

Through the technical knowledge present in the ASP team, we know how to efficiently and correctly map the various materials containing asbestos in your buildings, ranging from residential units to business premises. Our entire service is also based on quality and safety. The safety aspect has its origins in the inspections, where the safety of the client and the expert in question is held in high esteem. Furthermore, the aspect of quality comes to the fore in general business management.

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