Independent advice

After the visual inspection it is always possible, based on the report, that it is necessary to remove the asbestos present. Through the technical knowledge within the ASP team, we will give you independent advice on the appropriate contractors for your building. Here we will look for the most cost-effective sanitizer. This will be obtained by quoting the various possible sanitizers on the following, necessary characteristics:

  • Does the remediator have the required accreditations and conformance to the law?

  • Does the remediator have sufficient knowledge and experience for your project?

  • Is the price requested representative of your project?

  • Can the service be offered in a timely manner?

Archaeology note

When is an archaeology memorandum required?

Whether or not you are obliged to add an archaeology memorandum to your permit application depends on, among other things

• the total surface area of the plots involved
• the surface area of the planned groundwork (including surrounding construction such as greenery, paving, utility pipes, etc.)
• the spatial purpose of the site
• the location inside or outside a protected archaeological site/established archaeological zone

The criteria and thresholds are different for

• environmental permits for urban development acts
• environmental permits for subdividing land

The most important chalk marks are for an urban development permit a project zone larger than 3000 m² AND that the sum of the soil interventions is larger than 1000 m². For allotments, the plot must be larger than 3000 m².

For projects outside residential or recreational areas, the sum of the soil interventions must be greater than 5000 m².
In archaeological zones and protected zones the threshold of the plot is only 300 m².

Please use this link to check whether an archaeological preliminary investigation is required for your project.

Do you want to have an asbestos inventory made?