Asbestos inventory

The main purpose of the asbestos inventory is to list the materials containing asbestos and to evaluate the representative exposure risks. For this purpose, the building in question is visually inspected by an experienced expert of ASP Consultancy. During this inspection, the safety of the customer and employee is always the priority. Furthermore, during the tour samples will be taken if asbestos suspect materials are found. Of course the necessary safety measures are always taken into account. The analysis of these samples is done by a laboratory, approved by the FOD WASO".


ASP Consultancy takes care of the inventory of all materials containing asbestos in your home. This inventory is done through a visual inspection, conducted by an expert. This person has a very good understanding of the building methods that were applied at the time. This is also very important to gain insight into the various hidden asbestos applications present in your housing unit. Because of this expertise, the various asbestos sources can be presented in a well-organised manner in the final report. The final report is obtained by completing the following steps:


The welfare of the employees is a very important fact today. With this, the asbestos inventory is legally required (R.D. March 16, 2006) in an employer-employee situation. In other words, the inventory aims to protect the workers from the risks of exposure to asbestos. Since the building is still in use, this inspection and sampling will not be destructive. Specifically, such asbestos inventory will be obtained by following steps:

First aid for damage cases

ASP Consultancy can also help you with contamination determinations. After a fire, storm damage or a mistake by the contractor, ASP Consultancy comes on site to map the extent to which the area is contaminated with asbestos.

How do we work?


Conducting a preliminary investigation

Here the plans (should they be present) are analyzed. Previous inventories, whether present or not, are also considered.


On-site Inspection

At this step, our expert will thoroughly examine the various parts of the building. In case of suspicious applications, a sample collection will be involved. These samples will be thoroughly analyzed in the lab, which will allow us to draw well-founded conclusions.


Combining the observations

After the various observations, obtained through the visual inspection, it is necessary to bundle them together in an orderly way. The laboratory results of the samples taken will also be converted into the general report.


Delivery of the Report

The report is made available. This report consists of a listing of asbestos containing materials, risk analysis with accompanying management program.


Independent advice

It is always possible that, based on the asbestos inventory, it is necessary to remediate the asbestos present before allowing the employees to carry out their work. We will advise the client in question about suitable decontaminators for the project. We will also provide a cost estimate for the removal.

Do you want to have an asbestos inventory made?