Is reporting asbestos mandatory when selling a home?

At the time you want to sell your home, you may wonder whether you have to report the asbestos present. Asbestos that is present in your home is dangerous. You know better than anyone that this is a burden as a property owner. But are you then also directly required by law to report this asbestos in the event of a potential sale?

Asbestos and the sale of your home

When selling your home, it is not necessary to report the presence of asbestos. This is not required by law today. As a result, it potentially saves you a lot of hassle at the time you want to sell the home.

This process is often described as an asbestos inventory. It looks at whether there is asbestos present and where it is located. It is also then potentially possible to calculate the cost of asbestos removal.

Given these regulations, as a buyer it is in your best interest to choose for an asbestos inventory. It is rather unfavorable when, after buying a house, you find out that there is asbestos present in the house. Through a labor inventory you will always have advance insight into the situation regarding this presence. It is also immediately possible to see what the associated risks are. When you want to renovate the house, for example, this plays a large and important role. And also with the removal of the asbestos there are certain costs involved.

Someone testing Asbestos

Asbestos inventory as of 2022

Where it is currently not yet necessary to declare asbestos in the home, this will change from 2022 onwards. At that point, the Flemish government actually plans to map all asbestos. This applies to all buildings and houses built before the year 2001. 

To get this done, the government is going to introduce the obligation for an asbestos certificate step by step. This will be done as follows:

  • During 2022: introduce obligation to have a valid asbestos certificate when selling a property, this will remain the case after 2032.
  • From 2032, every owner of a building must have an asbestos certificate.

So for all properties that are not sold between now and 2032, an asbestos certificate must be drawn up by 2032. There is no general obligation to have an asbestos certificate when renting out. But if you do have an asbestos certificate for the property you are renting out, you must provide it to the landlord.

Asbestos removal

Before you get to that point, you can of course always opt to have the asbestos removed. This will solve the complete problem in one fell swoop. Asbestos removal is possible in a safe manner thanks to the right expertise. This way, the possible purchase or sale of a home or other building is no longer an issue.

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