An asbestos inventory is required when selling your house from 2022

The Flemish Government is speeding up the removal of asbestos. There is too much of it in homes and buildings throughout Flanders. Therefore, it was decided that an asbestos inventory must be present in homes built before 2001 and which are sold from 2022 onwards. This must also be presented to potential buyers.

The aim is that by 2032, every home owner will have such an inventory. If you rent out properties, in the future you will be obliged to have the original certificate in your possession and to provide a copy to the tenant(s).

Until the end of the 1990s, asbestos was a widely used building material. People were not yet sufficiently aware of the dangers it entailed. When this problem became clearer, the use of asbestos was banned. Yet it is logical that we still frequently come across this material in older buildings.

The OVAM (Public Waste Agency of Flanders) estimates that 865,000 tonnes of asbestos can still be found in homes alone.

Towards an asbestos-safe future
Because asbestos can be dangerous when it breaks down or when it is not handled properly, the Flemish Government has drawn up a campaign plan to tackle this problem.

First of all, they want to gain an insight into how much asbestos is present in homes and where it is located. After the inventory, the next step is to remove all the asbestos or to manage it as safely as possible. With this Asbestos Removal Action Plan, the aim is to ensure that Flanders is asbestos-free by 2040.

Asbestos inventory
In order to speed up the inventorying of asbestos, from 2022 it will be necessary to have an asbestos inventory for houses built before 2001 when you want to sell the house.

What does this entail? An asbestos expert will draw up an inventory and register it in the OVAM database. On the basis of this, you will receive a valid asbestos inventory certificate from the OVAM as applicant. Such a certificate states where the asbestos can be found in the house and how you can manage or remove it safely. The aim is for every owner to have such a certificate by 2032. As a tenant, you should obtain a copy of this certificate from the landlord.

Removal of asbestos
When you want to renovate your house, it is important to take asbestos into account. Investigate whether this material is present in the house and how to proceed with its removal or safe management. It is advisable to seek advice on this from, for example, the architect or another building professional.

It is not wise to remove asbestos yourself. If this is done in the wrong way, it can have far-reaching consequences. Therefore, always make sure that you are aware of the safe ways to go about it or call in a professional consultancy such as ASP Advice who know everything about removing asbestos.

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