As of November 23, 2022, the asbestos certificate is also mandatory for individuals

Are you selling your home built before the year 2001? Did you know that the asbestos certificate becomes mandatory as of November 23, 2022? You can apply for the certificate from June 2022. An asbestos certificate contains all the information about the presence of asbestos-containing materials in your home and indicates whether your home is asbestos-safe.

What is an asbestos inventory and what is an asbestos certificate?

The asbestos inventory is a list of the asbestos-containing materials present in a building or home. It is drawn up after an inspection of the materials and building parts that may contain asbestos. For each material or building component that contains asbestos, the asbestos inventory provides advice on how to safely manage or remove the asbestos. Based on this inventory, the OVAM issues a unique asbestos certificate for each home. This contains all the information about the asbestos safety of the house, but also advice on how to manage or remove the asbestos found.

Is an asbestos certificate mandatory?

As of November 23, 2022, an asbestos certificate is mandatory when selling homes built before 2001. The broker or notary will include the information contained in the certificate in the compromise and eventually in the notarial deed. You do not have to wait until November 23. As a seller, you can already show your certificate to potential buyers in advance. When renting out, the landlord must provide the (new) tenant with a copy of the asbestos certificate if it is present. By 2032, every owner of a house or building built before the year 2001 must be tested for asbestos.

Why is an asbestos certificate important?

In Belgium, asbestos was banned in 2001. Homes built before 2001 must therefore be tested. It is very important to avoid the health risks associated with asbestos exposure. With an asbestos inventory and certificate, you, as the owner, know which materials contain asbestos and how you can make your home asbestos-safe. Are you planning to carry out renovation work? Then this asbestos inventory can serve as a useful starting point. Before you start renovating or demolishing, you should also have an additional destructive investigation carried out to detect hidden asbestos.

Grants and subsidies

When you renovate, you will most likely encounter materials that contain asbestos. There are costs associated with the safe and correct removal of asbestos. Therefore, the Flemish Government and some local authorities offer subsidies to support people who want to demolish or renovate. Examples are AWAM in Antwerp and DUBO Limburg (De Huisdokter) in Limburg. More information can be found on the website of these initiatives or by contacting us.

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