What are the advantages of circular construction?

What is circular construction?

Circular construction is a sustainable form of building in which as many reusable raw materials as possible are used and as few finite resources as possible.

What does circularity mean?

The most important principle of circularity is that materials can be reused after use. Theultimate goal of circularity is to evolve towards a world without waste. That is a big contrast to the amount of waste that is in construction today.  About 30 to 40% of our waste comes from construction. Circularity therefore has a very positive influence on our climate.

What are the advantages of circular construction

  • The first advantage is that by building circularly, the raw materials are not exhausted. In the materials chain, the focus is on the reuse of materials. In addition to reusing materials, circular construction has even more advantages for our planet. By building circularly, C02 emissions are reduced, because no new materials need to be manufactured.  In addition to emitting less CO2, it is also very energy efficient.
  • In addition to ecological benefits, circular construction also  offers financial benefits.  Circular construction offers financial benefits for project developers, among other things, since the materials can be reused. This allows them to develop projects with the materials they have used in previous projects. In addition to the material, the building is also reusable in circular construction. In this way, a building can easily be given a different function in the future. 
  • In the long term, hazardous materials such as asbestos, rubber and plastic will also be removed from our waste streams, which in turn is also better for people and the environment.  In order to be able to map this out, a demolition follow-up plan must be drawn up during the demolition of a building. With a demolition follow-up plan, the hazardous materials can be separated from the reusable materials that can be used to build circularly. Also interested in a demolition follow-up plan for your project?  Contact us for a free quote.


At the moment  , circular construction is still in its infancy, but this will certainly change in the future. The financial benefits will manifest themselves in the long run and as is generally known, money always sets things in motion. However, the conviction that circular construction with its much lower environmental impact can make an important contribution to overcoming climate problems has yet to penetrate. When that mind shift takes place, the way for circular construction is completely open.

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