Demolition follow-up plan

ASP Consultancy efficiently draws up a correct & clear demolition succession plan (SOP) for you. You can add this to your environmental permit. Furthermore, if desired, we can also submit the report to Tracimat so your debris can be dumped as ""debris with a low environmental risk profile"".

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For each project for which a demolition follow-up plan must be included in the environmental permit, this will also be the case for large demolition projects as of July 2022. In accordance with the tariff schedule of demolition management organisation Tracimat according to the volume to be demolished. An inspection visit, a report during demolition and a final report are also required for demolition work. This involves extra administrative work and the work will be more strictly controlled. It is best to take this into account when requesting an offer.

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Purpose of the demolition succession plan

The OVAM encourages selective demolition, requiring a demolition follow-up plan for certain demolition, dismantling and renovation works for which an environmental permit is required. The ultimate goal of such a report is to map out the waste flows released during the above activities. In general, the demolition follow-up plan confirms the selective collection of demolition material, and further attests to the traceability of the origin until the processing of the waste.



The demolition succession plan must be drawn up for all demolition, dismantling and renovation works for which an environmental permit is required, provided that one of the following applies:

Non-residential buildings of which the building volume exceeds 1,000 m³
Residential buildings of which the building volume exceeds 5,000 m³
Infrastructure works with a volume larger than 250 m³
This obligation applies to applications for an environmental permit submitted from June 5, 2018.



Once the demolition follow-up plan has been drawn up, the client can still decide to have the report submitted to an approved demolition management system (better known as Tracimat). If the demolition follow-up plan is approved by Tracimat, and the building is demolished selectively in subsequent stages, the rubble can be offered to the crusher as rubble with a low environmental risk profile, thus reducing the cost per ton. In general, for large demolition projects it is interesting (cost-benefit) to use Tracimat.

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